This Year's Study Club Schedule

Doctors and Staff are welcome to attend Dr. Penhaskashi’s Study Club Meetings ‘Blueprint for Success’ regarding various topics scheduled throughout the year. Continuing Education credits are provided. Meetings are held after office hours.

Seating is limited. Please contact us to RSVP and for more information.




2014 Study Club Blueprint for Success Dates:

February 27, 2014
"The Prevalence of Periodontal Disease and the Benefits of Laser Surgery Treatment for Patients"
Speaker: Robert H. Gregg, DDS and Dawn M. Nicholson, DDS

March 27, 2014
"Oral Manifestations of Systemic Diseases"
Speaker: Parish Sedghizadeh, DDS

May 1, 2014
"Computers and Dentistry"
Speaker: Robert Rossi, DDS

July 10, 2014
"Perio-Implant Update"
Speaker: Alfred Penhaskashi, DDS

September 18, 2014

October 30, 2014

November 13, 2014

2013 Study Club Events

January 31, 2013
"Access to Care-Mobile Technology in the Dental Setting and Search Engine Optimization"
Speaker: Michael Stein

March 7, 2013
"Soft Tissue Grafting and Regeneration Update"
Speaker: Alfred Penhaskashi, DDS

May 2, 2013
"California Law"
Speaker: Diana G. Ratcliff, Esq.

July 25, 2013
"Emergency in Dentistry"
Speaker: Christine L. Quinn, DDS, MS

September 12, 2013
"Restorative Updates"
Speaker: Richard Stevenson, DDS

October 9, 2013
"Role of Hygiene in Diagnosis and Management of Dental Implants"
Speaker: Dr. Shahriar Parvizpour

October 24, 2013
"Advantages and Disadvantages of "Four in One" and Immediate Load"
Speaker: Russell Nishimura, DDS

November 4, 2013
"Managing Infrabony Defects Around Teeth and Dental Implants"
Speaker: Dr. Alfred Penhaskashi

November 14, 2013
"Infection Control"
Speaker: Joyce Galligan, RN, DDS

2012 Study Club Events

February 29, 2012
"Root Resorption Diagnosis and Treatment Rationale"
Speaker: Dr. Fanny Yacaman

March 29, 2012
"Minimally Invasive Adhesive and Esthetic Dentistry"
Speaker: Abdi Sameni, DDS

April 26, 2012
"Management of the Medically Compromised Patient"
Speaker: Saravanan Ram, DDS, MS

June 28, 2012
"Helping the Edentulous Patient in Our Practice"
Speaker: Dr. Shahriar Parvizpour

September 19, 2012
"How to Take Advantage of Social Media and Internet Resources to Help Grow Your Practice"
Speaker: Shereen Najafi

2011 Study Club Events

February 23, 2011
"Complications of the Head and Neck Cancer Treatment"
Speaker: Dr. Saravann Ram

March 23, 2011
"Sleep Disorders and Dentistry: What's the Connection?"
Speaker: Michael Simmons, DMD

April 27, 2011
"Osteomyelitis and Osteonecrosis of the Jaw Associated with Anti-Resorptive Therapy: Separating Fact from Fiction!"
Speaker: Parish P. Sedghizadeh, DDS, MS

June 9, 2011
"Keys to Developing A Profitable Hygiene Department"
Speaker: Ms. Kathleen Johnson

August 18, 2011
"The California Dental Practice Art"
Speaker: Lee Maddox, DDS, Esq.

August 25, 2011
"The California Dental Practice Art"
Speaker: Lee Maddox, DDS, Esq.

October 6, 2011
"The Art and Science of Implant in the Aesthetic Zone"
Speaker: Dr. Sameh El-Ebrashi

November 30, 2011
"A Unique Approach to Practice Management"
Speaker: David Orr

2010 Study Club Events

February 24, 2010
"Medical Emergency for the Dental Team: Protecting Your Patient, Protecting Yourself - A Case Based Approach"
Speaker: John Yagiela, DDS

March 24, 2010
"Emerging Disease and Infection Control"
Speaker: Joyce Galligan, RN, DDS

April 21, 2010
"Current Endodontic Update"
Speaker: Betsy Newman, DMD

May 19, 2010
"How to Invest For Short Term Gains and Long Term Profitability in Residential and Commercial Real Estate"
Speakers: Pedro Adao and Karl Koebel

June 23, 2010
"California Dental Practice Act"
Speaker: Dr. Gerald Vale

July 21, 2010
"Building a Successful Dental Practice Through Strategic Marketing"
Speaker: Jonathan C. Vidal

November 10, 2010
"Update on Management of Periodontal Disease"
Speaker: Alfred Penhaskashi, DDS

December 8, 2010
"Social Gathering - What Shall We Call This?"

December 8, 2010
"End of the Year Effective Tax Planning"
Speaker: Mr. Bob Philips

2009 Study Club Events

January 28, 2009
"The Final Piece of the Aesthetic Puzzle"
Speaker: Encode Complete Restorative System

February 25, 2009
"Role of Saliva as a Diagnostic Tool for Disease Prevention"
Speaker: Dr. Mahvash Navazesh

March 25, 2009
"Simplifying the Decision Process in Implant Dentistry"
Speaker: Frank M. A. Vidjak, DDS, MSEd

April 29, 2009
"Dental Therapeutics and Pain Control in Dentistry"
Speaker: Alan Felsendfeld, DDS

May 20, 2009
"Detection and Management of Most Common Oral Disease"
Speaker: Diana V. Messadi, DDS, MMSc, DMSc

September 23, 2009
"Employment Law Compliance - What You Don't Know Could Hurt You"
Speaker: Mr. Tim Twigg

October 27, 2009
"Update on Advance Bone and Soft Tissue Augmentation for Periodontal Defect and Dental Implants"
Speaker: Alfred Penhaskashi, DDS

November 11, 2009
"How to Succeed in these Uncertain Times - Strategies for Dental Practice in a Recession"
Speaker: Kathleen Johnson

December 9, 2009
"End of the Year Effective Income Tax Planning"
Speaker: Mr. Bob Philips

2008 Study Club Events

March 19, 2008
"New Cutting Edge Technology - Navigator System CT Guided Surgery and Encode CAD/CAM Customized Abutment"

April 9, 2008
"Periodontal Plastic Surgery - Building the Framework for the Perfect Smile"
Speaker: Alfred Penhaskashi, DDS

May 14, 2008
"Building a Successful Dream Practice"
Speaker: Ms. Kathleen Johnson

June 11, 2008
"Periodontal Plastic Surgery - Framework for the Perfect Smile"
Speaker: Alfred Penhaskashi, DDS

June 11, 2008
"Revolutionary Endcode Complete"
Speaker: Alfred Penhaskashi, DDS

September 10, 2008
"Persistent Atypical and Idopathic Facial Pain"
Speaker: Robert L. Merrill, DDS, MS

October 22, 2008
"Review of Current Techniques and Technology in Implant Dentistry"
Speaker: Russell D. Nishimura, DDS

November 12, 2008
"TMD and Orofacial Pain in General Dental Practice"
Speaker: Andrew Pullinger, DDS, MSc

December 3, 2008
"Effective Income Tax Planning"
Speaker: Mr. Robert (Bob) Phillips

2007 Study Club Events

January 10, 2007
"New and Improved Implants to Increase the Predictability in Preserving the Crestal Bone Resulting in Optimal Aesthetics"
Speaker: Dr. Robert Holt

April 14, 2007
"Annual Implantology Seminar"
Speaker: Robert Blackwell, DDS

May 14, 2007
"Six Ways to Increase Your Profit"
Speaker: Douglas Falk

June 18, 2007
"State of the Science on Implant Dentistry"
Speaker: Alfred Penhaskashi, DDS

August 13, 2007
"Dental CEO - Crash Course"
Speaker: Ms. Kathleen Johnson

September 17, 2007
"Implant Therapy in the Aesthetic Zone - Single Tooth Replacement"
Speaker: Alfred Penhaskashi, DDS

October 15, 2007
"Effective Income Tax Planning"
Speaker: Mr. Robert (Bob) Phillips

November 15, 2007
"Advanced Techniques and Technology in Implant Dentistry"
Speaker: Jon A. Ruel, DMD, MScD
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